Covid Protocols

Hi All,

Hope you are doing good !

We are finally starting this year cricket season. As we all know we are still in the Covid 19 time therefore we will request each and everyone of you to follow the protocols laid by Kommun as well as the club. We have tried putting some guidelines for your reference. These are important guidelines to follow for safety of us and our families.


  • You should not come to training or matches if you are sick or any of your family member is sick
  • It is important that you sign up on website for coming to training and matches
  • Anybody born after 2002 can practice in a big group so for youth, all of them can trained at one go but for anybody born before 2002 they need to train in smaller group like around 8 people and we can have multiple groups at same time in the ground.
  • Note: This is as per current guideline but in case of any changes, communication will be sent across to you.
  • Avoid indoor trainings
  • When in the ground
    • No handshake within team or with members from other team.
    • Always try to maintain proper distance between each other
    • Regularly use hand sanitizer
    • Bring your own water bottle
    • No lunch will be served only refreshment like banana and juices will be provided
    • Do not use sweat or Saliva on the balls
    • Parents who are not on duty should not come to ground. If they are there, then they should maintain distance from the team
    • Use of changing room prohibited but washroom can be used
    • It is recommended to bring your own equipment for training and matches but in case if you have to use common equipment then it is mandatory to sanitize your hand before and after use of equipment


Note: Trainers, Captain or Vice-Captain can send people home if they are found to breach these protocols and risk health of other players.


Wish you all a safe playing season and let’s win as many matches as possible ????. Also, in case of any suggestions and questions feel free to write to board.


Thanks and Regards,

ÄCC Board 2021

Updated: 11th May 2021