Excellent Performer !! Krishna Singh

Future is Here – Naturally talented and gifted young performer

Please meet one of the Youngest and Finest Copybook cricketers

Cool , Calm & Focused on his game. Every Coach´s dream. Players like him not only make name for themselves, but they make their entire team and Coaches proud of their achievements .

He is a right-hand batsman , likes to play the cricket by the book. Enjoys playing straight drive. A very hard-working bowler as well.

A Young , Dynamic & Skillful Cricketer

Excellent Performer !! Abhiram Nair

Passion & Knowledge  –  Never short of an idea !!

Meet one of the most entertaining cricketers from our club.

Cool & relaxed from outside but always very busy with his thought process. Ready to contribute whatever the situation is. He reads the game well. Never short of trying things. Always eager to try new things and improve his game. He misses no opportunity to improve his skills every time he is on the field.

A classic left-hand batsman and a right-hand bowler.

Young , Dynamic & Cheerful Cricketer !!


Excellent Performer !! Mohammed Zaid

Guts & Confidence – Makes things Happen

Meet one of the most energetic cricketers from our Club

Always ready for a challenge. You will admire his fighting spirit. He is a very Big moral boost for his team.

Very confident personality. You admire the passion in him – batting or bowling. He goes for perfection and never stops trying.

He is a right-hand batsman , likes to play very aggressive brand of cricket. Pull and Hook Shorts are his trademark shots. A very hard-working bowler.

Backbone of any team !!

Future of Cricket !! Shourya Rawat

  • Gentleman of gentleman’s game
  • Meet one of the finest & budding cricketers from our club.

Discipline & dedication define him perfectly. He leaves no stone unturned , an active listener & learner. He is never tired of trying. Must qualities to have for a young talent

A classic righthand batsman and a very fast learning righthand bowler. A complete team player who keeps motivating his team to perform better