Excellent Performer !! Krishna Singh

Future is Here – Naturally talented and gifted young performer

Please meet one of the Youngest and Finest Copybook cricketers

Cool , Calm & Focused on his game. Every Coach´s dream. Players like him not only make name for themselves, but they make…

Excellent Performer !! Abhiram Nair

Passion & Knowledge  –  Never short of an idea !!

Meet one of the most entertaining cricketers from our club.

Cool & relaxed from outside but always very busy with his thought process. Ready to contribute whatever the situation is. He reads the…

Excellent Performer !! Mohammed Zaid

Guts & Confidence – Makes things Happen

Meet one of the most energetic cricketers from our Club

Always ready for a challenge. You will admire his fighting spirit. He is a very Big moral boost for his team.

Very confident personality. You admire…

Future of Cricket !! Rudra Singh

Little Master : Budding Cricketer who knows the game well

Meet one of the most promising cricketers in the circuit

Always Thinking & Always Alert. You can completely rely on his advice. He has brilliant game awareness, at such a young age. He…

Perfection & Style !! Izaan Ansari

Perfection & Style ( Plays Cricket by the book )

Meet one of the most stylish cricketers you can come across

Cool and Calm personality helps him to focus on his game. You can only admire his classic & by-the-book batting technique. You…

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